Call a Guide is your Tour Guide to an awesome time in Cape Town, South Africa!

What we Offer

We offer intimate tours around the city centre, the Cape Peninsula

and the winelands. We can take groups of up to seven people only,

which allows for a more personal experience. - contact us now!


About Us

Call a Guide is a small tour operating business offering a more personal experience. Our tour guide, Cal is outgoing and friendly and has a lot of knowledge of the city centre, Cape Peninsula and the winelands. He is an accredited tour guide and has done level one first aid.

Your bliss is our goal. 

Our friendly tour guide and chaperone in the film industry,

Cal Wyngaard

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Call: +27 (0)79 182 7009 


Reg no: WC7482

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